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The UK GDPR applies to data for this competition. The Data Controller is the Rotary Club of Perth St Johns Charitable Trust Fund. For data protection issues, contact

Information Recorded

All items in each competition entry are intended for publication for the purpose of the competition, excluding the competitor’s email address. We handle email addresses as personal information.

This website does not gather any other personal information about visitors or users.

The website logs usage data such as pages accessed, numbers of users and referring websites. This information is anonymised at the instant of collection and aggregated into statistical reports that cannot identify individuals.

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Use of Data

We will use personal information only to contact you about the competition, and for any discussion arising from that contact. We will not pass personal information to a third party.

A selection of competition entries, excluding email addresses, will be published as specified in the Rules.

Retention of Data

For the winners, competition entries and personal data may be be retained for further publication about the competition for up to 3 months.

All other competition entries and personal data will be deleted within 14 days of the end of the competition.

You may contact before the end of the competition, to request deletion of your entry. Entries that have already been published in print cannot be withdrawn.

Protection of Data

Personal data will be retained on servers within the United Kingdom, hosted by a mainstream virtual server provider, and under the control of the Rotary Club of Perth St Johns.


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